Aboriginal Education / EALD

Aboriginal Education

At Keller Road Primary School, our Aboriginal students play a unique role in the school and community. Supported by an Aboriginal Education Teacher, Aboriginal Community and Education Officer, and APAS tutor, the students play leadership parts in giving Welcomes to and Acknowledgement of Country at school events. Kaurna students travel to other schools and local events to perform this role in language.

Aboriginal students play a part in coordinating special cultural days such as Reconciliation Week and school performances. They regularly work with community leaders to learn and share culture, and this proves a strong factor in retention and attendance.

Keller Road Primary School delivers targeted curricula to Aboriginal students mapped against our Reconciliation Action Plan, the Australian Curriculum, and the Aboriginal Strategy. We focus on cultural strength, community, literacy and numeracy to enrich Aboriginal students’ learning experiences. All students learn Kaurna language as the original language of the Adelaide Plains and as a commitment to reconciliation for all cultures.

Our acknowledgement of, and commitment to, Aboriginal students as land custodians is reflected in our school murals, designed and executed by Aboriginal artists in collaboration with students.


EALD Teaching


At Keller Road Primary School, we are fortunate to have an amazing range of cultural diversity. Our families represent Aboriginal, European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and African backgrounds, promoting intercultural learning and positive relationships. This is supported through classroom programmes, Harmony Day, Reconciliation Week, language teaching, and EALD teaching.

Students who are learning English as an additional language or dialect (EALD), and who are eligible according to the Language and Literacy levels assessment, access EALD support on a weekly basis.

Working with a specialist EALD teacher, these students set and work on personal language goals through a range of teaching strategies. Oral, graphophonic, semantic, and syntactic skills are targeted to complement the inclusive practices that EALD students access in the classroom.

We also work with Department for Education services to provide support to parents wishing to communicate with staff.